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Japan Quality Products

About the Japanese products we handle

Made in Japan

Metal Products

Metal products created by outstanding processing techniques by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

It's beautiful, delicate, and functional.

Please feel the "beauty of use" that resides in the details in your daily life.


Leather Products

A collaboration between PARTS & SUPPLY's original brand "GENUINE" and the leather workshop "TEHA'AMANA" in Osaka. Leather products and leather accessories are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. Feel the quality of handwork and the warmth of leather.

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GENUINE x fresco

Blown Glass Shade

This is a collaboration product between PARTS & SUPPLY's original brand "GENUINE" and the glass studio "fresco" in Izumi City, Osaka. Because it is made of blown glass, it is all handmade and one-of-a-kind. The light coming from the glass shade is warm and gently illuminates the space.

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