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Brass Sign Handle Type

Brass Sign Handle Type

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A nameplate where you can enjoy brass cut letters and shadows

A handle-type nameplate from KOTOBUKU, a brass nameplate maker in Osaka that shines with fine metal processing technology. It features a small design with cut letters on the U-shaped handlebar and a soft expression of brass material. The cut letters raised 10 mm from the installation surface create a beautiful shadow without the shadow of the pin. There are only two mounting holes on both sides, and the surface is finished with a clear coating that ages slowly.

[Made-to-order product] (Delivery date: about 1 to 2 months)

[Product Details]

Size: Body part W200 x H6 x D18 (4mm bolt ≒ 30mm), letter part 2mm thick

Material: Brass *The bolt is made of stainless steel (brass in the product image)

Color: Modern (brass hairline finish)
Antique (brass aging graph finish)

Coating: clear paint (matte)

Weight: 200g

Delivery time: about 1-2 months

Accessories: Nameplate body, installation manuscript


Number of characters: Up to 10 characters *No address, only name. *It cannot be increased to 11 characters or more.

Font: Gothic / Mincho

Character size: Approximately 17-25mm in height *Varies depending on the number of characters.

String Alignment: The name part will be centered on the base.

[Reference material download]

Font sample
・ Character size image ( Gothic / Mincho )
Installation manuscript


・Aging and rough finishing are different in color and texture.
・Only capital letters are produced.
・Drilling (2 places) is required on the installation wall surface. Please ask your dealer for installation.
・There is no image drawing.

*Since this product is made of brass material, it may change over time before delivery. Please understand beforehand as a characteristic of the material.

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