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About membership registration

Account registration on this site is optional, and you can shop as a guest.

If you register an account, you can view your purchase history and register multiple shipping addresses.
(Corporate customers are recommended to register an account.)

* Membership information and passwords registered on the old site ( have not been carried over to this site. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please create a new account again.

About the product

Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products may change without notice, or the handling may be discontinued.

payment method

Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted.
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Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu Basic shipping fee: 990 yen (tax included)
Free shipping on orders over ¥22,000


Basic shipping fee: 1,540 yen (tax included)
*Shipping fee per order if it can be bundled with size 160 or less
* If you include large items over 160 sizes or if you have multiple pieces, we may charge a separate shipping fee after ordering.


Basic shipping fee: 2,200 yen (tax included)
*Shipping fee per order if it can be bundled with size 160 or less
* If you include large items over 160 sizes or if you have multiple pieces, we may charge a separate shipping fee after ordering.

remote island

In addition to the basic charge, we will charge a separate shipping fee after you place an order.

  • In some remote islands and some areas, you may be required to bear the relay shipping fee separately at the time of product delivery.
  • If the product is sent separately due to the customer's convenience, a separate shipping fee may be charged.
  • Shipping charges and availability of delivery are subject to change without notice due to price revisions by shipping companies and changes in contract details.

Orders from Hokkaido, Okinawa Prefecture, and remote islands
In the case of large items of size 160 or more, or split into multiple pieces, we may send a billing email containing the estimated amount including the shipping fee separately at a later date.

Shipment of goods

In stock items will be shipped within 2-10 business days.
We cannot accept the specified delivery date and time.
For more information on shipping products, please click here .

About order cancellation and returns

Orders can be canceled for a certain period of time after an order has been placed, but cancellations cannot be accepted for products that have already been arranged for shipment or products that have started to be made to order.

Also, please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience. Please check the product within 7 days after the product arrives. If 8 days or more have passed since the arrival of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges even if the product is defective, so please be sure to check the product immediately after arrival.
Detail is Please see here .

If there is a problem with your order, we may contact you by email or phone for confirmation. Please note that if we are unable to contact you for more than 2 weeks, we may cancel your order.

If you do not receive an email

If you do not receive an email after payment, the following reasons are possible.

  • Mobile email addresses (docomo / au / softbank carrier mail) and provider emails that have spam filters set may have a spam prevention function set as standard, and emails delivered from this shop may be spam. There is a possibility that it will be automatically sorted to the mail folder or trash box, so please check it once.

    If you do not receive the notification e-mail due to spam filter settings, please set the reception permission for " " in the specified domain reception. We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding settings.

    [How to set/cancel specified domain reception]
    NTT Docomo

  • Wrong input of e-mail address There is a possibility that the description of the e-mail address registered by the customer is incorrect. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

  • Mail Server Over Capacity Mail servers have capacity, and if you do not delete mail regularly, your inbox may fill up and not accept new mail. If you have any idea, please delete the mail on the server.

In case of card payment error

If your credit card payment fails, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Please check the credit card companies that can be handled by this online store.
  • Please check the security code (three-digit number on the back of the card).
  • Please check the name, address and expiration date registered on your credit card.
  • If the delivery address is different from the billing address, please specify the address in each entry field.
  • If the total amount is high, please check your credit limit with your credit card company.