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Aged Letter Piece -Copper-

Aged Letter Piece -Copper-

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copper cutout nameplate

It is a nameplate of the Osaka manufacturer "KOTOBUKU", which shines with fine metal processing technology.
Made of copper material, it features a deep pink color that has been aged.

Please select your favorite type from two types: an underline type with a design that looks like an underline under the letters, and a loose letter type that allows you to place the letters yourself.

In addition, you can choose the length of the pin depending on the mounting method. Select a pin length of 32mm on the back if you want to float it from the wall, and a pin length of 15mm if you want to install it close to the wall. If you choose 32mm, a spacer is included for floating.

[Made-to-order product] (Delivery date: about 1 to 2 months)

[Product Details]

Material: Copper

Surface Finish: Hand Scratched (Aged) Wax Finish

Font: Mincho / Gothic * Please refer to the font sample .

Accessories: Nameplate main body, full size manuscript for installation, spacer (if pin length 32mm is selected) *The pin will be sent with the pin attached.

Pin: M2.6 bolt type (threaded), choose 32mm or 15mm length.
M2.6 tap processing on the back of letters, 2 places per letter

Spacer: Included when pin length 32mm is selected.
Length 10mm, thickness φ3.8mm, nickel plating (made of brass)

[Underline type specifications]

Size: Bar length 270mm (character width 240mm), thickness 3mm *Please refer to the character size image (underline type) .

Number of characters: Up to 10 characters (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers)
*It cannot be increased to 11 characters or more.

String Alignment: The name part will be centered on the base.

[Rose character type specifications]

Character size: Height approx. 41-44mm, thickness 3mm


  • The price is per character, and the total price changes according to the number of characters.
  • Aging processing (hand scratch aging) tends to change quickly over time.
  • Each piece has a different color and texture.
  • It will be shipped with a pin attached to the back. (removable)
  • When installing with pins (directly attached/floating letters), drilling (2 places) is required on the installation wall. Please ask your dealer for installation.
  • The pin can be removed, but we do not encourage repeated attachment and detachment.
  • There is no image drawing creation.

[Reference material download]

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