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Brass Letter Alphabet Lowercase S Size

Brass Letter Alphabet Lowercase S Size

取り寄せ商品 納期:Approximately 1 month *May vary depending on manufacturer stock status

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Brass letter with attractive matte texture and unique texture

By scraping the surface and corners with sandpaper, the gold color of the base material can be brought out, and it can be processed in an antique style. In addition, brass does not rust, so it can be used safely outdoors. It is a DIY item that expands the range depending on your ideas, such as sticking it to a slate board or wood to create a nameplate or signboard.

[Ordered product] (Delivery date: about 1 month * May vary depending on the manufacturer's inventory status)

[Product Details]

Size (mm): W9〜50 D4 H30〜57

Color : Black

Material: Brass

Delivery: Approximately 1 month * May vary depending on manufacturer availability


  • Since u and n are the same product, they can be used together.
  • When sticking to the board, please use a multi-purpose strong adhesive.
  • In rare cases, when the surface is scraped, the base material may be mixed with gold and light reddish brown, but it will change to a calm color with the passage of time.
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