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Waxed float pot

Waxed float pot

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Floor leather pot with the image of a floating ship

A hanging pot made of floor leather with a unique rough texture and rustic texture. It has a vintage feel that looks like it has been used, and the uneven look is attractive.

The calm-colored body that goes well with green has a unique form inspired by a floating ship. Paraffin processing is applied to enhance water resistance, so the material is hard and strong like plastic.

The optional brass free hook that hangs the pot is inspired by the "free hook" used to hang pots and other items on the hearth, and can be adjusted freely up and down. If you display multiple pieces at different heights, the space will move and become an accent to your room.

[Product Details]

Size: [S] Leather part / φ105~120 H180~190, hanger / H120 (mm)
[M] Leather part / φ130~145 H180~190, Hanger / H140 (mm)

Material: cow split leather / paraffin processing

Options: free hook , Brass Bracket Hook 150/200

Note: Due to the characteristics of paraffin, please refrain from using it in a high temperature environment.

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