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Umbrella stand

Umbrella stand

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simple umbrella stand made of iron

It has a capacity that is easy to use for both home and business use, and has a sophisticated look that fits well in any space.

The model is a vintage umbrella stand that I met while traveling in the United States. The shape is very simple and has a functional silhouette like an industrial product. The paint had peeled off, and the umbrella stand, which had rust on it, had a charm that could only come from a product that had been used for a long time. We have faithfully recreated and manufactured it to show our respect for its lean and clean shape.

The rust-preventive paint sprayed on the steel surface is not just black, but an exquisite color that blends in with any place or situation. I made it so that you can feel the texture and taste of iron by creating a slight shade.

We intentionally did not apply a complete rust-proofing treatment, but finished it so that you can enjoy the changes that occur over time as it gets wet and gets older. It has a large capacity and is a size that is easy to use for families and stores.

The included water tray can be easily removed for easy cleaning. You can use it for any purpose other than standing an umbrella, and the bottom of the leg has a rubber cap so you can use it indoors where you don't want to damage the floor. It is also useful as a tool stand and a storage place for documents and cloths.
I produce it one by one in a Japanese factory.

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Size: W295 D260 H630 (mm)

Weight: about 3.1kg

Material: Steel (black leather paint)

Accessories: Rubber cap, saucer

Note: This product may have some paint peeling or scratches during the manufacturing process. note that.

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