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leather cord reel

leather cord reel

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A leather cord reel where you can enjoy the natural texture and aging of the leather material.

Available in 3 colors: gray and brown with a smoky texture and a modern impression, and kinari, which gives you a natural and gentle feel of leather.

It can also be used as a one-point accent by bundling various cables or bundling the cords of pendant lights and wall lights. It's also great for hiding cable ties fastened with cord adjustments. Please choose your favorite color according to the atmosphere of the room.

This is handmade by the leather workshop TEHA'AMANA.
[TEHA'AMANA] Leather products and small leather goods carefully made one by one by craftsmen.
The more you use it, the more it will become familiar and you can enjoy its natural texture. We manufacture products that convey the quality of handwork and the warmth of leather.

[Product Details]

Size (mm): W52 H160

Color: Kinari / Smoke Brown / Smoke Gray

Material: Cowhide (tanned leather), brass


  • As this is a leather product, there may be slight variations in color depending on the time of arrival. Please note.
  • Kinari's color is easily tanned, so it may discolor rapidly over time if exposed to direct sunlight.
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