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paper holder single arm

paper holder single arm

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This paper holder has an attractive rustic look that makes use of the texture of the cast surface. The moderate weight of the top lid makes it easy to hold and tear paper, which makes it easy to use. Since it is something you use every day, why not choose a toiletry item that is "easy to use and you will grow to love"?

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Size (mm ): W150 D105 H80

    Color: Brass/Black

    Material: Brass (Because it is made of brass, discoloration may occur over time.)


    • Brass: Arms only polished
    • Black: Black paint finish
    • Since this is an imported product, there may be small scratches due to transportation. Please note that we consider the product to be in good condition as long as there is no problem in using the product.
    • This product is made by casting, so there may be dents on the surface due to air bubbles during manufacturing. There may also be black polishing marks left over from the manufacturing process. Please note that both of these are considered to be within the range of acceptable quality.
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