Regarding cancellation and after-delivery correspondence

Please check the product within 7 days after the product arrives .
If 8 days or more have passed since the product arrived, we cannot accept returns or exchanges even if it falls under any of the reasons listed below, so please be sure to check the product immediately after arrival.

About order change/cancellation

・You can change your order within a certain period of time only in the case of the wrong size. We cannot accept cancellations for products that have already been shipped, backordered products, or products that have started to be made to order.

・If there is a problem with your order, we may contact you by e-mail or phone for confirmation. Please note that if we are unable to contact you for more than 2 weeks, we may cancel your order.

About returns and exchanges

Please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience.
(If the color, size, feeling of use is different from the image, if you made a mistake in ordering, etc.)
Before placing an order, please check the color, size, contents, characteristics, delivery date, precautions, etc. of the product before placing an order.

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but if the product contains defects such as defects or damage, we will refund or exchange it.
In order to confirm the facts, please contact us after providing the relevant part in the photograph image etc. If the product is defective, we will bear the cost of returning it.

In addition, if you receive a product that is different from your order due to our mistake, or if there is a shortage of products, please contact us. In this case, we will bear the cost of returning and exchanging.

About product characteristics

About brass material

Products that use brass material will change color over time. In rare cases, when the product is delivered to you, there may be a change in color or uneven color on the surface, but it is not a defective product. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material. Please read and understand the characteristics and handling methods of brass products described on the product page before purchasing.

About natural wood materials

Products that use solid natural wood may shrink or crack in a dry environment, and may already have cracks or chips at the time of product delivery. This is also not a defective product, so please understand it as a characteristic of the product.

About unpainted wood

The unpainted type allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood, but it is prone to cracking and warping due to drying. Also, please note that discoloration and sunburn may occur due to aging and exposure to sunlight. Compared to the oil finish, it has the characteristic of being more prone to stains such as moisture and dirt from your hands. Wipe off with a warm towel soaked in hot water or a tightly wrung out towel and wipe dry.

About vintage products

It has been used for many years after many years. We ask for your understanding that fine scratches and small chips due to this are characteristic of vintage items. Since it is difficult to describe all conditions, please purchase after acknowledging the above points.

*Please contact us if the above does not apply or if you have any questions.