Collection: Royal Gardeners Club Horsereel

A high-performance Japanese hose reel with a neat design that can be placed anywhere. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as gardening, garden cleaning, car washing, and exterior wall cleaning. It features a cover that allows you to wind the hose without getting your hands dirty and protects the hose from the sun. The length of the hose is 30m, and the color has a calm atmosphere that blends in with the garden. The cover has a paint finish (JIS0205-1987) and uses high-grade paint that is also used for automobiles, and comes with a metal plate with a serial number. The nozzle is a durable metal type with a dial that allows you to adjust the amount of water at hand. By turning the tip of the nozzle, you can change it into 4 water shapes (Kakusan→Straight→Joro→Shower). There is a hook to hang the nozzle, so it is convenient when washing your hands.

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