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leather towel holder

leather towel holder

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Original towel holder made of solid beech wood and tanned leather

The wooden part is made of solid beech wood and finished without painting so that you can enjoy the natural touch. Beech wood is a heavy, sticky, impact-resistant wood. From a bright natural color, it changes to brown with aging. If you like, you can use oil wax or beeswax cream to prevent cracks from moisture and dryness and make it last longer.

The leather parts are made of domestically produced tanned leather. The more you use it, the softer it becomes,
The leather has a deep color and a unique sheen.

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Size: W250×D70×H180mm
*The height will vary slightly depending on the individual (because the material is leather)
Mounting base size: W50 x D70 x 40mm
Spacing between screw holes: 25mm
Round bar size W250×Φ30mm

Color: Black / Natural

Materials: Solid beech wood, Nume leather, brass (hardware)

Accessories: 2 brass screws


・Replenish oil with leather cream twice a year. With maintenance, the leather will last longer and you can enjoy the aging even more.

It is a handmade product by the leather workshop "TEHA'AMANA". "TEHA'AMANA" Leather products and leather accessories are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. By using vegetable tanned leather (Nume leather), the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the natural texture. We manufacture products that convey the quality of handwork and the warmth of leather.
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