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ARCHED CABINET PULL (Gold) Handle *Available while supplies last

ARCHED CABINET PULL (Gold) Handle *Available while supplies last

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A brass handle that faithfully reproduces the feel and texture of antiques. Since it is processed by hand, each piece has a unique expression. Since it is a type that screws from the front, it can be easily installed. In addition, brass does not rust, so it can be used safely outdoors. Recommended for cabinet and drawer handles.

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Size (mm): W97 D27 H25 / screw pitch about 81

    Color: Gold

    Material: Brass

    Accessories: Mounting screws *Made of iron (it may rust.)


    • There is an error in the size.
    • There may be scratches or chips on the surface.
    • The texture and texture of the surface may differ depending on the arrival, so it may differ from the photo.
    • Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, texture, and texture.
    • The included screws are made of iron and may rust. Especially when using in a place where water splashes, such as outdoors, prepare screws made of rust-resistant material separately.
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