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【Bent】 Paper Holder Double -2way-(棚板・棚受け・ビス 6点セット)

【Bent】 Paper Holder Double -2way-(棚板・棚受け・ビス 6点セット)

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【Bent】 Paper Holder Double -2way-×1
Trimmed oak shelf board 無塗装×1
Arc Bracket×2
真鍮丸皿プラス木ネジ (8×4.1×16mm)
真鍮丸皿プラス木ネジ 8×4.1×25mm

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PARTS & SUPPLYオリジナルプロダクト

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Handling of brass products

About brass and aging

  • Products made from solid brass will change color over time. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material.
  • Aging does not always occur uniformly across the product, and unevenness may occur at first. It takes time to get used to the whole thing, so please enjoy the process.
  • In places where it is exposed to rain or splashes of water, the surface may have a pattern of raindrops.
  • Parts touched with bare hands may cause discoloration, so it is recommended to wear unused gloves made of soft material when handling.
  • If you want to slow down the aging process, apply beeswax on a regular basis to give it a glossy look and keep it in the same condition as when it was delivered. (* Beeswax cannot be used on clear coated products. Wipe off with a dry cloth. )

* Secular change may occur before delivery. Please understand beforehand as a characteristic of the material.
*The method and speed of change will vary depending on the installation environment.
* Strong changes may occur in areas where there is a possibility of salt damage.

Care instructions

  • If you are concerned about dust or dirt, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If the dirt is strong, you can wipe it with water, but be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth at the end.
  • If patina (a type of blue-green rust) develops and bothers you, gently polish it with a brass polishing cloth. Please refrain from wiping with chemicals as it may cause uneven wiping.
  • If rain or hand prints become black, the blackened area is not dirt but a chemical change, so it cannot be wiped off. Such traces overlap to create an antique texture. As time passes and the overall color changes to a deeper color, the marks will become less noticeable, so please keep an eye on it for a while.
  • If you are concerned about the changed color or the pattern caused by splashing water, you can use a metal polish such as Picard to restore it to a clean state. Please use it above.
  • Many detergents and chemicals have an effect on metals, so please carefully read the usage precautions printed on the product before using them for maintenance.