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Tikanen Wall Clock

Tikanen Wall Clock

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A classic and compact pendulum clock with an impressive capsule form.

Pendulum clocks are generally considered large, but we have deliberately designed this clock to be compact in size. Its dignified appearance and friendly design will brighten up any space.

The combination of the carefully rounded wood frame and the simple dial design creates an elegant finish. A grey plate is layered on top of the white dial to create depth, and the slightly large gold pendulum swinging behind the layered grey dial adds a retro touch. The generous curves of the circle are well balanced.

A large pendulum swings back and forth behind a round window. The dull gold shine adds an accent. The wood frame, with its beautiful grain and color shading, is carefully joined together like a wooden joinery, and the rounded edges of the frame give it a soft look. The dial design is simple and can be displayed anywhere.

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Size(mm): W200×H370×D70

Weight: 0.9kg

Material: Wood, glass, MDF, aluminum

Movement: Sweep movement

Accessories: Wood screws for wall mounting


  • Use AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • There may be small scratches, splinters, or stains that occur during manufacturing. Since we inspect and package the products, we consider them to be within the range of acceptable quality. Thank you for your understanding.
  • This product is made of natural wood, and there will be individual differences in the color and grain of the wood, such as unevenness and knots. In addition, there may be differences in color and grain at the joints, but these individual differences are considered to be within the range of acceptable quality, so we ask for your understanding.
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