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Trimmed oak shelf board Unpainted oak shelf board

Trimmed oak shelf board Unpainted oak shelf board

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Vintage-like shelf board with border decoration

[PARTS & SUPPLY Original Woodwork Series]
PARTS&SUPPLY original shelf series made from rare solid oak wood.
This is an original item made from carefully sawn wood at a sawmill in Hokkaido, and decorated with border decoration and oil painting by PARTS&SUPPLY's local Osaka craftsmen.

Oak wood is famous as a material for interior decoration and furniture, and is sometimes collectively called oak. While the commonly known white oak has a rough and strong grain, oak grown in colder regions has a finer, smoother grain and a gentler impression.

By selecting wood with these characteristics as the material for the shelves and adding edge decorations on three sides, we have created a shelf that is both modern and vintage-like. The shelf has two design elements and can be used on both sides.

If you use a flat surface as the top surface, it will give a sophisticated and sharp impression. When the side with the border decoration is used as the top side, it gives a vintage-like impression. You can choose your favorite color and finish to match your interior.

In addition, the unpainted type allows you to enjoy the color change over time.
As time passes, it becomes more yellowish and turns into a candy color.

Combine it with PARTS&SUPPLY's original brass hardware and enjoy a ``nurturing interior.''

This product is perfect for combination with P&S original item [Bent] Paper Holder series. By combining it with the [Bent] series shelf supports, you can create a more unified feeling.

[Product Details]

Size: W380×D120×H20mm

Weight: about 700g

Material: Oak wood


  • Due to the characteristics of natural wood, there are individual differences in color, shade, and the presence or absence of joints. Please note.
  • Oak wood is a hard material, so when combining it with a shelf holder or paper holder, please make sure to drill a pilot hole before installing it. The screws that come with the paper holder are made of brass, so if you do not drill a pilot hole, there is a risk of them breaking.
  • This can be used in combination with the P&S original item [Bent] Paper Holder series products. The shelf brackets that can be used in combination with the paper holder are [Bent] Arc Bracket and [Bent] Flat Bracket S size.
  • When attaching the paper holder to the top of this product, there is a risk that the included screws may penetrate the shelf board. Please use screws with a length that matches the board thickness.
  • Unpainted types allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood, but they are prone to cracking, warping, and other changes due to drying.
  • Unpainted types may become discolored or tan due to aging or sunlight. Please note
  • The unpainted type is more prone to stains such as moisture and hand marks than the oil finish.
    Wipe it with a warm towel soaked in hot water or a towel that has been wrung out thoroughly, then wipe dry.
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