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MAIL BOX (Dark Gray) Post *Available while supplies last

MAIL BOX (Dark Gray) Post *Available while supplies last

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An American designed mailbox that can be opened and closed by simply turning a lever. You can also lock the door if necessary. The top lid has embossed letters with an atmosphere. This item is recommended not only for general homes but also as store parts.

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Size (mm )

  • External dimensions: W385 D132 H400
  • Mailing port: W320 D34
  • Door: W330 H230

Color: dark gray

Material: Steel ( Because it is a steel material, rust may occur.)

Weight: Approx. 4.4kg

Accessories: Screw (φ4.8×42mm)/Anchor (φ8×40mm)/Rubber packing/Key


    • This product is not completely waterproof or completely sealed. To prevent water ingress, rust, etc. , please install it in a place where it will not be directly exposed to rain, such as under the eaves.
    • Regarding installation, please consult with the contractor before placing your order and purchasing.
    • The product details image is ivory.
    • Due to the manufacturing process, the back of the product may be slightly bent. Depending on the degree of deflection, there may not be enough clearance between the product and the wall, and the mailbox lid may interfere with the wall and not open. If there is any interference with the lid, please adjust by placing two spacers between the product and the wall.
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