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wide post dial cream

wide post dial cream

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simple box silhouette post

The cream color with a matte texture makes dirt inconspicuous, and you won't get tired of using it for a long time.

The mailbox is on the front of the main unit. Recommended for homes with a variety of appearances, such as simple, natural, and modern. The post itself is thick, so it is recommended as a post for homes with a lot of mail, offices, shops, etc.

When choosing a post, the impression changes depending on whether you choose a design that blends in with the exterior of the building or a design that accentuates it. Please choose the perfect one according to the exterior and taste of the building.

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Size: About W363×D125×H318mm

Postbox size: about W310 x H30mm

Weight: about 3,630g

Material: Steel

Accessories: screws, anchor screws

*Vertical opening, compatible with A4 size
*The key part is a dial type.

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