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BOLTS HARDWARE STORE Door Sign (TYPE2) *Limited stock

BOLTS HARDWARE STORE Door Sign (TYPE2) *Limited stock

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Size (mm): W113 D3 H42

Color: [MEN] Silver x Gray [WOMEN] Gold x Gray

Material: Acrylic resin

Specifications: With double-sided tape on the back

        A sign plate made of acrylic resin plate carved with an old-fashioned engraving machine. We have considered colors and sizes that blend in with all kinds of materials and spaces. It is not a typeface created by a computer, but a product with a vague typeface unique to an engraving machine.

        BOLTS HARDWARE STORE is a hardware store in Kyoto that manufactures and sells products filled with the desire to feel the joy that comes from the act of "thinking and acting for yourself."

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