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hanging rattan chair

hanging rattan chair

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A blissful time to incorporate into your daily life

A hanging chair with a rustic texture that blends in with your interior. We paid particular attention to the beauty of the rattan material and the comfort of sitting.

Since the 1960s, rattan chairs that can be hung with tied strings have been enjoyed by wealthy people in Europe and America, and are currently difficult to obtain on the market. It faithfully reproduces the design and manufacturing of the time when it originated in Scandinavia, and is all handmade by craftsmen.

Compared to cloth hammocks, it's easier to get into and takes up less space, but we've paid close attention to every detail so you can enjoy deep relaxation. We pay close attention to every detail, including the feel of the back of the knees, the angle of inclination of the thighs, and the height of the backrest that supports the head.

The rounded form has a high design quality, and since it is made only of high-quality natural rattan without using any metal, you can enjoy coordinating it with each season, such as with fur or cloth cushions.

We use rattan with skin, which is highly rare and valuable. Due to the handmade nature of each item, there are individual differences in shape, size, and thickness. Spots and uneven coloring are also characteristics of natural materials. Rattan is lightweight, highly absorbent, and keeps the surface dry, so it can be used in the garden.

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Size: W760 D600 W1020 (mm)

Material: Rattan (clear lacquer finish)


  • Rope not included.
  • When installing, please check that the location where it will be installed and the strength of the metal fittings, ropes, etc. you will use are sufficient, and use your own discretion. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur during installation.
  • Although our products are manufactured with sufficient strength, due to their characteristics, they are subject to large loads, so deterioration and wear may occur over time with use. There is no set lifespan as it varies depending on the usage environment. If there is any abnormality with the product such as cracks, please stop using it as it is dangerous.
  • In rare cases, the end of the rattan leather cord used for the main body has come out of the wrapping (see photo). Please understand that this is a characteristic of the product, not a defective product. There is no problem with the strength in use. If you are concerned about it, you can fix it with adhesive and tie it up with vinyl tape overnight.
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