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Shelf Paper Holder Brass BK

Shelf Paper Holder Brass BK

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A paper holder with a shelf that gives off a chic black and high-quality atmosphere.

Although the shape is simple, you can feel the goodness of the black dyed brass material to the fullest.
The surface of the lid retains the unique texture of sand casting, giving it a matte and sophisticated air. Please enjoy the goodness of the material different from the iron.

It fits well in a particular bathroom space, especially in a natural or Scandinavian style space.
The size of the shelf is about 16 cm wide and about 8.5 cm deep, so it is useful for storing small items such as smartphones and small books.

To remove the paper, simply insert it into the L-shaped arm that can be easily removed from the right side, so anyone can use it easily.

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Size: H90×W170×D90

Material: Brass (blackened), Made in India

* Blackened brass screws for mounting are included.
* When installing, it is recommended to install it on the base of the wall, not on the gypsum board.

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