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Brass Bracket Hook 150 / 200

Brass Bracket Hook 150 / 200

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Slim brass display hook featuring delicate plate design

You can choose from 150mm or 200mm width from the wall, so you can decorate various foliage plants from air plants to voluminous hanging planters.
In addition to plants, it is also possible to wear heavy clothing such as winter coats.

It goes well with the separately sold hanging pot, waxed float pot, and waxed float plate.
In addition, if you want to adjust the height according to changes in sunlight or watering, you can easily adjust the height by using the free hook.

[Product Details]

[150] Base plate size about W12 x H155 x T2mm / total hook depth about 150mm
[200] Base plate size approx. W12 x H205 x T2mm / hook depth approx. 200mm
*1 bottle included

Material: Brass

Accessories: 2 brass screws

Options: Waxed float pot , Waxed float plate , free hook
*Please check the product page before purchasing.


  • As this product is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in dimensions.
  • We use solid brass material, so it may change over time before delivery.
  • The product may have discoloration during welding. Please note that this is a range of good products.
  • This product has not been polished after processing. There may be small scratches, patterns, or discoloration unique to the material. Please note that all products are considered to be good products.
  • This product uses brass material. Discoloration, patina, and darkening may occur due to aging. If you are concerned about these, maintenance is also possible with commercially available brass polish or picard.
  • This product may have "bending marks" during bending. Please note that this is a range of good products.
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