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Coro coro cleaner

Coro coro cleaner

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Roller cleaner that blends in with your interior

A roller cleaner made of beautiful beech wood and cowhide leather. The metal fittings are made of brass, and the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the antique texture. You can place it in your room without compromising the interior atmosphere, and you can also attach it to the wall with the included screws for storage. It's a beautiful cleaning tool that gives you a natural warmth and doesn't matter where you put it.

There are some scratches, but please understand it as a taste of leather products. Because each piece is handmade by a craftsman, there are individual differences in size, shape, and characteristics. The more you use it, the more the texture changes, and the more you use it, the more luster and depth you get. You can enjoy the process of natural leather change.

Adhesive tape width (160 x φ38 mm) of the standard size of each company is supported.

This is handmade by the leather workshop TEHA'AMANA.
[TEHA'AMANA] Leather products and small leather goods carefully made one by one by craftsmen.
The more you use it, the more it will become familiar and you can enjoy its natural texture. We manufacture products that convey the quality of handwork and the warmth of leather.

[Product Details]

Size: About W200 D75 H220 (mm), Cleaner core / About φ38 W160 (mm)

Color: Natural/Black

Materials: beech wood, cowhide, brass


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TEHA'AMANA is a leather workshop located in Osaka. The workshop is located in a green area a little far from the city, and as the seasons change, we create our products in a relaxed manner while feeling the blessings of nature.

The name of the workshop ``Tehamana'' comes from the name of a girl that the painter Gauguin met in Tahiti. Since Gauguin created many masterpieces after discovering Tehamana, ``We want our customers who pick up our work to have a fulfilling life.'' It seems that the name was chosen with such a wish in mind.

All the leather used at TEHA'AMANA is traditional vegetable tanned leather (tanned leather) tanned in astringent tanks. It takes time and effort, but the more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more you can enjoy its natural texture.

All production in the workshop is done by hand, including cutting, perforation, and hand sewing. By being particular about handcrafting, we are able to select the best quality leather and create a warm atmosphere that can only be created by hand.

Although hand stitching takes time, it can be sewn with waxed linen thread, which cannot be used with a sewing machine, and can create a warm atmosphere. The beeswax used for waxing is homemade from Japanese beehives that are kept in our workshop.