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D TOWEL RING towel hanger

D TOWEL RING towel hanger

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Size (mm ): W180 D60 H125

Color : Gold / Black


  • [Gold] Brass
  • [Black] Brass black dyed paint finish

Accessories: screws

    A towel ring with a simple, heavy weight that is unique to cast brass. The clean design with an American atmosphere can be incorporated into a wide range of styles regardless of the material you match it with. This item is perfect for those who want to create a space around the water.

    *Since this product is imported from overseas, there may be minor scratches due to transportation. Please note that we will consider the product to be non-defective as long as there is no problem in using the product.
    *This product is manufactured by casting, so there may be dents on the surface due to air bubbles during manufacturing. In addition , there may be black polishing marks that occur during manufacturing. Please note that all products are considered to be good products.
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