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[Bent] Paper Holder Double -2way- BK

[Bent] Paper Holder Double -2way- BK

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Matte black simple design paper holder

PARTS & SUPPLY original products [Bent series]
The Bent series, which means "bending" in English, is a lineup that focuses on the beautiful "bending" created by the craftsmanship of P&S' local small factories in Osaka.

A simple and modern paper holder that combines a beautifully curved arm with a thick base plate. By using a knurled material (see 5th image) for the holding part, it creates an elegant atmosphere in your space.

By applying a strong coating to the brass material, it has excellent corrosion resistance and the coating does not easily peel off, so it can be used for a long time.

In addition to being installed as a single item, it is a 2-way specification that allows for ceiling mounting using shelves and brackets. You can purchase an optional shelf board and shelf support, and you can also customize it into a paper holder with a shelf.

*If used in a ceiling position, you will need to manually change the direction of the holding part, so please check the video below for details.

[Product Details]

Size: approx. W310 x D85 x H60mm

Material: Brass black painted base plate thickness 3mm

Accessories: 4 brass screws 25mm

*If you would like to make a paper holder with a shelf, please purchase the following shelf board and shelf support together.
[Shelf board] T rimmed oak shelf board Oil finish : Size/W380×D120×H20mm, oak wood
[Shelf bracket] Flat Bracket (S)BK : Size/100×100mm, made of iron


  • This product is handmade, so there may be slight individual differences in size and bending.
  • Since the brass material is painted, there may be unevenness in the painting. Please note that we only accept products of good quality.
  • The arm of the paper holder is fixed with bolts and welding. There is some bulge in the welded area, but it is within the range of good quality.
  • This product may have "bending marks" during bending. Please note that this is limited to good quality products.
  • The included screws are designed with emphasis on design. When installing, please prepare screws suitable for the location and material.
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