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Cast Brass Handle Type1 BK ※在庫限り

Cast Brass Handle Type1 BK ※在庫限り

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Handle made of cast brass that gives a sense of the weight of the material

The surface has a beautiful texture peculiar to casting, and it dresses up furniture, kitchens and cabinets. It can be used in various scenes from vintage textures to modern Japanese tastes.

Since it is a solid brass casting product made by hand by craftsmen, there are individual differences in shape, dimensions, and finish one by one. Please enjoy the difference in the expression as a feature of handmade products.

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Size: W135×H15×D35mm

Material: Blackened brass

Accessories: brass wood screws


  • Because it is a handmade product, there are individual differences in shape, dimensions, and finish.
  • Polishing is minimized to leave a sand-shaped casting surface and texture.
  • A thin clear coating is applied so as not to damage the texture of the product, but depending on the usage conditions, the color may transfer to clothing or products. Please understand the characteristics of the product and handle it with care.
  • The cast surface finish will darken and become darker over time as it ages. Please enjoy the texture.
  • Comes with brass wood screws. It is easier to break than iron screws, so please drill a pilot hole before installing.
  • When tightening screws, use a manual screwdriver, not an electric tool.
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