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Original Iron Flat Bracket ( 125 / 185 / 235 ) ※6/7~6/28まで10%OFF

Original Iron Flat Bracket ( 125 / 185 / 235 ) ※6/7~6/28まで10%OFF

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Iron bracket made by bending a plate with a thickness of 3 mm

A modern bracket made by bending an iron plate with a thickness of 3 mm and painting it in matte black. The simple design and matte black color that do not make you feel the ruggedness of the iron will tighten the space.

This product is a P&S original item created with the cooperation of a domestic metal processing company.

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Size (mm): [185] W20 x H150 x D185
[235] W20 x H150 x D235
*1 bottle included

Material: Iron

Accessories: 4 brass screws (black paint)


  • As this product is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in dimensions.
  • This product is made of iron material with black paint. The paint may come off during the course of use, such as when you give it a strong impact or rub it with a sharp object. Please note.
  • Since this product is made of iron material, rust may occur. Please note that this is a characteristic of the material.
  • Also, there may be uneven paint. Please note that we only accept non-defective products.
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