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Iron plate shelf (S/M)

Iron plate shelf (S/M)

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It is a wall shelf that can be used to display your favorite miscellaneous goods or as a display storage. The compact size makes it easy to install even in tight spaces. By creating an attractive wall, you can create a point in the space and tighten the space. It can be installed on both sides, top and bottom, so use it on your favorite side according to the place where it is installed and the item to be displayed.

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Size: [S] About W150×D120×H50mm
[M] About W300×D80×H50mm

Material: Iron ( Because it is made of iron, rust may occur.)

Load capacity: Approximately 4kg (* Value measured until the support rod or mounting screw lifts off after fixing it to the wooden base with the included mounting screws and applying a load to the tip.)

Remarks: The attached screw is a screw with a taste in the design. Therefore, please use screws that match the material of the installation location. Also, if the material of the wall to be installed is a hollow structure (gypsum board), use board anchors and screws that match the thickness of the board.

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