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KWIKSET Hancock Door Knob Empty Lock (Satin Nickel)

KWIKSET Hancock Door Knob Empty Lock (Satin Nickel)

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Founded in 1946, KWIKSET is one of America's leading doorknob manufacturers.

Size (mm): D57 Base / φ67 Knob / φ57 Latch / Approx. W97 D25 H57 Bracket / W47 H57

    Color: Silver

    Material: Steel


    • Backset: Adjustable to about 60mm and 70mm
    • Correspondence door thickness: To approximately 35-44mm


    • Instructions are in English only.
    • This product has been changed from one side of the table to a two-point screw type. Please check the image.
    • When installing the screws on the table, turn the screw by hand to the position where the screwdriver can be inserted, protect the product from being damaged, and then install it with a tool such as a screwdriver.
    • Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for scratches that occur during construction.
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