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wood bracket SCISSOR WALNUT

wood bracket SCISSOR WALNUT

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Wooden wall bracket with beautiful walnut wood grain. The bellows part moves back and forth, so you can adjust the position of the light. You can enjoy a variety of atmospheres depending on the light bulbs, lamps, and shades you choose. If you combine it with the separately sold " E17 pendant light fixture with intermediate switch ", you can easily increase the number of lights without electrical work. A bracket that can be used in various places such as stairs, bedside, and study.

Size (mm): About W42 D125〜525 H220

Material: Walnut

Load capacity: We recommend a shade within 500g


  • Adjustable fore and aft

Accessories: screws, installation instructions


  • Bulb, socket cord and shade not included.
  • Because natural wood is used, cracks and warping may occur depending on the usage environment.
  • Please refrain from using the product in places where it is exposed to the wind of an air conditioner, direct sunlight, or near heaters such as stoves.
  • Avoid large and heavy shades to be attached to the socket.
  • When processing electric cords, be sure to ask an electrician to do so.
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