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long nozzle

long nozzle

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Convenient for cleaning as well as watering

Long nozzle to be attached to GARDEN REELⅡ・COMPACT GARDEN REELⅡ.
Allows gentle watering to the roots of plants. There is a knob to adjust the water pressure at the hand of the lever so that it is easy to adjust the water. The lever has a lock function, so you can lock it with the water out.

It is convenient not only for watering plants, but also for cleaning windows and washing cars.

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Size (mm ): Total length 700mm

    Color : Black

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    Installing the long nozzle and adjusting the water flow

    Installing the long nozzle is very easy.
    You can change it immediately when you want to use it.

    You can adjust the amount of water just by turning the knob at hand.