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SD PULLER Sliding Door Handle

SD PULLER Sliding Door Handle

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Heavy brass sliding door handle

The brass handle has a natural shape that is not overly modified, and has a long-lasting appearance that resembles an antique. By slowly using it over a long period of time, it will change to a more tasteful color. It goes well with solid wood doors that have been chicly finished with oil and antique doors, and is a small part that complements each other. If you are looking for a sliding door handle with an atmosphere, please check it out.

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Size (mm): see image

    Color: Polished (Gold) / Black

    Material: Solid brass (because it is made of brass, discoloration will occur over time.)

    Specifications: Black is black dyed paint finish

    Accessories: screws

    Remarks: Orders start from 1 unit.

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