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COMPACT GARDEN REEL II (green) hose reel

COMPACT GARDEN REEL II (green) hose reel

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A hose reel made in Japan with a clean design that can be placed anywhere

Although it is compact, it is suitable for a wide range of applications such as gardening, garden cleaning, car washing, and exterior wall cleaning. It features a cover that protects the hose from the sun and allows you to wind the hose without getting your hands dirty. It has a wooden plaque with the brand logo. A thin hose (inner diameter 7.5mm) is used, the length is 20m, and the color is calm brown. The nozzle is a durable metal type that can adjust the water flow, and it has a dial that allows you to adjust the water flow at hand. By turning the tip of the nozzle, you can change it into 4 water shapes (Kakusan→Straight→Joro→Shower).

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Size (mm ): W168 x D343 x H302 (hose length 20m / faucet side 2m)

    Color : Green

    Product weight: 3.4kg

    Specifications: Please refer to the instruction manual (
    Download the instruction manual (PDF) )

    Remarks: There is also a long nozzle convenient for watering and cleaning. Click here for the product page

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