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hose plug

hose plug

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I want to be particular about materials and designs around the water in the garden. It is a hose plug for such people. If you have a faucet like this when you are doing garden work or washing a car, which often uses a hose, you will feel happy. Please use in combination with the following products.

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Size (mm ) : See approval drawing. ( Approval drawing download (PDF) )

    Color : Brass

    Material : Bronze casting

    Installation method: Plumbing work is required. Please be sure to ask a professional for installation.


    • If you only need a hose plug for your garden, please use it in combination with the " water faucet column (single mouth) ".
    • Prepare a commercially available hose coupler (the name may differ depending on the manufacturer) when connecting the hose.
    • We do not recommend connecting a hose directly to the adapter.

      Faucet column (single mouth)

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