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American double switch (3 roads x 3 roads) *Limited stock

American double switch (3 roads x 3 roads) *Limited stock

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Size (mm): W33 H106

Color : White / Beige / Brown

Material: Plastic


  • 3 roads x 3 roads (PSE certified)

installation method

  • Wiring is required for this product. Please ask an electrician for installation. Never attempt to do wiring by an amateur, as it may cause an electric shock or fire accident, and the contractor will be responsible for all damages that occur.


  • Please use it together with the American outlet cover.
  • Installation drawings and specifications are not included.
  • Over-tightening the screws may cause damage. Please be careful when installing.
  • Although we carry out inspection work at the time of arrival, there may be color unevenness during the production process, scratches or small scratches during transportation. Please be aware of this as a feature of overseas products before purchasing.

It's always there in every room, and it's something you use every day. The clean and simple shape also gives a feeling of cleanliness. You can also show your individuality by combining covers with different materials and colors. Acquired PSE and matches the equipment in Japan.

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