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IRON SHELF Shelf holder *Limited stock

IRON SHELF Shelf holder *Limited stock

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Size (mm): W20 D(150/200/250/300) H(150/200/250/300)

Color: Black

Material: Iron

Load capacity: about 10kg

Accessories: with wood screws

installation method

  • The included screws cannot be attached to gypsum board. When attaching to a gypsum board wall, please use screws of 25 mm or more.
  • Be sure to screw firmly to the base. Also, fixing with a board anchor may not guarantee the load capacity.
  • Because it is made of iron, rust may occur.

Remarks: The attached screw is a screw with a taste in the design. Therefore, please use screws that match the material of the installation location. Also, if the material of the wall to be installed is a hollow structure (gypsum board), use board anchors and screws that match the thickness of the board.

Simple & standard iron shelf.
Because of the design that does not choose the place, it shines in any space.

It is common to use hardware that is two-thirds the length of the shelf board. When using a shelf support with a depth of 150mm, we recommend using a shelf with a depth of up to about 200mm.
There are 4 sizes available, so please choose according to the scene where it will be used.

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