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size Body: approx. W400mm approx. H550mm
Outer box: W130 D130 H480mm
Base (legs): W240 D210mm
From the ground to the lowest branch: approx. 80mm
*The width of the main body is the size when the branches are spread straight. If you adjust the branches, the width will be about 280mm, but it will vary depending on how it is bent.

A tabletop tree that you can grow yourself from Santa's Forest

This is the Christmas tree “URHO” that will debut in 2023. I imagined a Christmas tree that appears in the story.
It is a mini-sized tree that you will love every day, showing off an ever-changing look with the lights and ornaments you decorate it with.

The height is a compact 55cm. It can be displayed compactly and casually on a cabinet or table.

When the tree arrives, the branches and leaves will be stretched out, but by spreading and curling the branches yourself, they will look more like a natural fir tree and will have a more realistic feel.

This tree is unique in that you can adjust and grow it to your liking.

The URHO tree is modeled after the fir trees in Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland, Finland. The color is a chic green with a deep green tone that blends easily into the interior.
Urho Park, located in the Arctic Circle, is famous for the Northern Lights and the home of Santa Claus. We expressed the green of the branches and leaves that have survived the harsh winter for many years.

Wire crafts representing dead branches are also a good accent, and LED lights and glass ornaments also look great.

As you add more ornaments and increase the color tone and texture, you will be able to create your own unique tree coordination that you won't find anywhere else.

For those who want to enjoy a chic and sophisticated holiday season that is not just cute.

The pillars are made of brown and green film leaves and are hard to stand out.

To assemble it, insert the legs into the support and add expression to the branches and leaves.
*Please wear gloves when touching branches and leaves during assembly.

At first, the beige wire craft will stretch out sharply and there is a risk of hitting your hands or face, so be sure to curl the tip toward the center of the trunk.Do not let children work on it; adults should do it.

It's a little time consuming, but if you're concerned about the tip of the wire craft, you can rest assured by bending the wire so that the tip is rounded. If you do this in the first year, you won't need to do this the following year.

At first, the green branches start out straight, but as you add waves, they take on a richer and richer appearance. It looks cute with plenty of waves or with the ends curled. The branches and leaves can be stretched out a little depending on your preference.
Adjust it to your liking.
Please be sure to refer to the assembly video for details. Click here for assembly video

It may take some time in the first year, but if you retouch last year's curls, the flavor will deepen and the atmosphere will increase with each passing year.
This is a tree that you can grow yourself so that you can use it for many years and enjoy the changes over time.

Since it is assembled, it can be neatly stored in a box during the off-season and does not take up much space. You can also store ornaments in the original ornament storage box.

About the product

This product uses wire. There is a risk of injury if it hits your hands or face. Please be especially careful with children and pets.

About decoration

*170cm is used in the video.

material [Tree body]
Branches and leaves: PVC Base part: Iron [Base] Plastic
accessories ・Plug-in base legs x3
・Tree body 550 mm
specification ・Assembly type
  • This is the sale of the tree itself. Ornaments, tree cover, and lights are not included.
  • I'm using wire. There is a risk of injury if it hits your hands or face. When assembling or decorating, be sure to wear long sleeves and work gloves. Also, be careful not to allow children to accidentally touch it.
  • If you order online, we cannot pick it up at the store.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.
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