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[NEWGATE] Hotel Alarm-Black

[NEWGATE] Hotel Alarm-Black

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bedside accent

A stylish alarm clock with a graphically designed black dial and brass gold hands and frame. The glass cover that covers the dial has a slightly rounded convex lens design that gives it a classical impression. It has a sophisticated yet nostalgic warmth, and the design has a strong presence that can be used as an accent on the bedside or around the desk.

Sweep movement is a quiet performance without ticking sound that moves continuously like the second hand slides on the dial. Due to the internal structure, the sound may be faint, but it is almost silent and recommended for bedside, study, and study rooms.

[Product Details]

Size: About W115 D40 H120 (mm)

Weight: about 0.2kg

Material: acrylic, silicone, glass

Specifications Battery: AA x 1 (batteries not included)

Warranty period: 1 year

Movement: sweep movement


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