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Teak Paper Holder Board

Teak Paper Holder Board

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Compact shelf board using solid teak

A small shelf made from natural solid teak.
It can be used to decorate limited spaces such as kitchens and entrances, or as a shelf board that can be combined with a paper holder in the bathroom.
The natural texture of teak wood matches various uses and scenes.

In addition, this product is ideal for combining with the P&S original item [Bent] Paper Holder series. By combining it with the [Bent] series shelf support, you can create a more united feeling.

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Size: W360×D120×T20mm

Material: Teak wood


  • This can be used in combination with the P&S original item [Bent] Paper Holder series .
  • Compatible shelf brackets are [Bent] Arc Bracket and [Bent] Flat Bracket S size .
  • When attaching the paper holder to the top of this product, the included screws may penetrate the shelf board. Use a screw with a length that matches the plate thickness.
  • Due to the use of natural materials, there may be variations in color.
  • There may be hangnails on the sides of the shelf board.
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