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Teak solid board (900/1200/1800/2400)

Teak solid board (900/1200/1800/2400)

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Countertop with natural texture and wild ears

The three sides of the teak solid wood that has been stripped off are chamfered, and it is finished without painting so that you can enjoy the rustic atmosphere. The teak itself contains a lot of natural oil, so the more you use it, the more it will become glossy and the taste will deepen.

The contrast between the wild ears and the beautiful grain of the wood, which are not usually used, gives off a strong presence, while the texture and natural color of teak naturally blends in with any room. It is also recommended as a countertop for kitchen counters, counter desks, and washbasin counters.

Because the craftsmen make the best use of the materials by hand, the size, wood grain, knots, and shade of color are different for each item.
Enjoy the individuality and handmade characteristics of natural solid teak.

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2400 / W2400×D600×H40mm

Material: Teak wood

*This product is sold as a top plate only.
*This product is a large item, so it will be delivered by household goods delivery. Please note.
*This product will be delivered in solid wood and unpainted condition. When used around water, mold and stains may occur. Please note that this is a characteristic of the material.
*Discoloration due to sunburn may occur in environments exposed to direct sunlight.
*Solid teak has the effect of adjusting the moisture in the air, and expands and contracts repeatedly. The moisture content fluctuates depending on the environment, and the size and shape of wood tends to change. Please note that this is a characteristic of the material.
*Avoid using in excessively dry or humid environments.

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