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Round Bar Door Handle BK *Limited stock

Round Bar Door Handle BK *Limited stock

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heavy door handle

Brass handle for door. It features a rounded line that is easy to grip.
The luxurious use of brass rods instead of pipes gives it a solid and heavy feel. It is a type that attaches with screws from the front.

Each product is hand-polished one by one to reproduce an antique texture. It is not protected with a modern paint, so you can enjoy the aging that appears as you use it.

[Product Details]

Size: about W55H312D49

Material: Brass (Discoloration occurs over time due to the brass material.)

Color: Black / Colored by chemical reaction

Weight: about 827g

Accessories: Mounting screws *Made of iron (it may rust.)


  • Because it is made of brass, it will change over time.
  • There may be scratches or chips on the surface. Since it occurs during manufacturing, it is considered as a non-defective product.
  • The surface texture and texture may differ depending on the time of arrival, so it may differ from the photo.
  • Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size, texture, and texture.
  • "Black" may peel off the paint if it hits hard objects.
  • Due to the antique processing, "black" may be discolored to white or green in some places.
  • The included screws are made of iron and may rust.
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