Handling of Cabinet RATTAN (washstand)

Regarding the handling of Cabinet RATTAN (washstand)

About the product

This item is an outlet item because the finishing and construction of small parts do not meet product standards.
Also, as this is an overseas manufactured product, there may be scratches from shipping or manufacturing. Please note.

About the material

This is a product made of solid teak wood and unpainted. In a dry environment, wood may shrink and crack or chip, but this is due to the humidity control function that solid wood has.
When humidity increases, such as during the rainy season, cracks may return to their original state.
To prevent the wood from drying out, we recommend cleaning it regularly with beeswax. (Beeswax wax is not available)

Cracking due to drying
beeswax wax

*There may be cracks or chips in the product when it is delivered. (The condition shown in the image is an example. Some items may have large tears.) Also, as this is a product manufactured overseas, there may be small scratches during transportation. Neither is a defective product, so please understand that this is a characteristic of the product.

Cracks may have already occurred due to dryness when the product is delivered.
Example of small scratches caused during transportation①
Example of small scratches caused during transportation②
Example of small scratches caused during transportation③

Rattan is used to decorate the drawer part. Because it is a natural material, there may be uneven thickness, spots, and uneven coloring. Enjoy the texture of natural materials that are not colored or painted.

Enlarged image of rattan part

Installation method

① Check the size of the main unit and attach the included hardware to the wall.
②Hang the metal fittings on the main body side to the metal fittings on the wall.
③Turn the screw at the bottom to adjust the gap with the wall.

About opening and closing the drawer

This product uses a two-stage slide rail. Please note that there is no soft closer function.