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wall hanger

wall hanger

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Wall hanger from original brand GENUINE. The unique cross-shaped design allows you to change the width according to the size of the room. Since it is made of solid oak and has an oil finish, it has a simple design that allows you to feel the warmth of the wood.

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Size (mm): D90mm (to hook tip)

Reference dimensions

  • When folded W95mm×H520mm
  • Maximum stretched W1510mm×H47mm
  • H480mm at W600
  • H425mm at W900
  • When three quadrangles are almost square W1075mm×H375mm

Color: clear oil finish

Material: oak


  • Screws are not included.
  • Since it is made of solid wood and has an oil finish, it may partially discolor.
  • In particular, oak contains tannin, so it may turn grayish brown with sweat, but you can enjoy the aging with a vintage-like texture.
  • If the surface becomes dull due to dryness, we recommend that you maintain it with oil or wax.
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