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Leather bracket S/BR

Leather bracket S/BR

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GENUINE leather bracket with attractive leather softness

We made many prototypes and paid attention to the brass fittings and screws and stitching. A bracket that allows you to enjoy the aging of leather and brass.

Unlike conventional brackets that support from the bottom, the bracket has a high degree of design by hanging from the top with leather. Each bracket is made by hand using Tochigi leather, and the natural softness of the leather is attractive and does not give a feeling of oppression.
You can use it anywhere, such as the entrance, toilet, living room, etc.

You can choose from 3 colors: gray/brown with a smoky texture and a modern impression, and kinari with a natural and gentle feel of leather.

[Product Details]

Size (mm): Approx. W20 D162 H232 *Dimensions when a shelf board with a depth of 150 mm is installed

Color: Smoke Brown

Material: Cowhide (Tochigi leather)

Set contents: Left and right set

Accessories: Brass screws


  • Please use shelf boards up to 600mm wide and 150mm deep.
  • The engraving on the leather bracket is only on one side.
  • This is a leather product, so please use it for display purposes.
  • There is some light and shade in the color depending on the arrival time.
  • There are some errors in the size. Please note.

It is a handmade product by the leather workshop "TEHA'AMANA". "TEHA'AMANA" Leather products and leather accessories are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. By using vegetable tanned leather (Nume leather), the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the natural texture. We manufacture products that convey the quality of handwork and the warmth of leather.

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