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Cylinder light Aluminum

Cylinder light Aluminum

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Receipt light finished as simple as possible

With a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand, it can be used anywhere in the house, such as washrooms, restrooms, interior entrances, and hallways. It can be used on the wall as well as on the ceiling.

"Cylinder light Aluminum" is made of aluminum with a minimalist and stripped-down atmosphere. Because it uses 1.5mm material, it has a heavy atmosphere. Depending on the interior to match, you can change the expression in various ways, such as simple, natural, and classical.

The "Cylinder light" series does not come with a shade, so you can use it by directly attaching a light bulb. If the light from the light bulb enters your field of vision, you may feel dazzling, so please choose a light bulb with a brightness suitable for the place where it will be installed and the intended use. Pair it with a slightly larger ball-shaped light bulb for a well-balanced look.

[Product Details]

Size: approx. W43mm x D52mm x H43mm

Weight: about 120g

Material: Aluminum/Porcelain/Iron/Others

Compatible bulb: E26 caliber LED only


  • Can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted
  • If there are any traces of packaging materials on the surface of the product, please wipe them off before use.
  • Use a combination of the outer sleeve on the outside tube and the inner sleeve on the base that is installed on the wall. Please install according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Since "direct connection" work is required to connect to the electrical wiring inside the wall, please be sure to install it by a qualified electrician. Construction by unqualified persons is dangerous, such as fire, so please do not do it.
  • For indoor use only. Cannot be used outdoors.
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