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Doorknob 336 (Brass)

Doorknob 336 (Brass)

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A solid brass doorknob. The more you use it, the more it will change into a richer color. Recommended not only for new construction and renovation of homes, but also as parts for stores.

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Size (mm)

  • Knob: W35 H60
  • Width from door: 68
  • Latch: W80 D28 H65
  • Receiver: W34 H57
  • Core rod: 7mm square W90

    Color: Gold

    Material: Brass


    • Backset: approx. 60mm
    • Compatible door thickness: up to approximately 45mm

    Accessories: Brass screws


    • The core rod is made longer. Please cut it for thin doors.
    • This product is a product that is installed by passing the core rod through the center. When installing, please make sure it is level and fasten the screws evenly.
    • As this is an overseas imported item, there may be slight scratches due to transportation. Please note that products are considered to be of good quality if there are no problems with their use.
    • This product is manufactured by casting, so there may be dents on the surface due to air bubbles during manufacturing. There may also be some black polishing marks left during manufacturing. Please note that all items are within the range of good quality.

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    Handling of brass products

    About brass and aging

    • Products made from solid brass will change color over time. Please understand it as a characteristic of the material.
    • Aging does not always occur uniformly across the product, and unevenness may occur at first. It takes time to get used to the whole thing, so please enjoy the process.
    • In places where it is exposed to rain or splashes of water, the surface may have a pattern of raindrops.
    • Parts touched with bare hands may cause discoloration, so it is recommended to wear unused gloves made of soft material when handling.
    • If you want to slow down the aging process, apply beeswax on a regular basis to give it a glossy look and keep it in the same condition as when it was delivered. (* Beeswax cannot be used on clear coated products. Wipe off with a dry cloth. )

    * Secular change may occur before delivery. Please understand beforehand as a characteristic of the material.
    *The method and speed of change will vary depending on the installation environment.
    * Strong changes may occur in areas where there is a possibility of salt damage.

    Care instructions

    • If you are concerned about dust or dirt, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If the dirt is strong, you can wipe it with water, but be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth at the end.
    • If patina (a type of blue-green rust) develops and bothers you, gently polish it with a brass polishing cloth. Please refrain from wiping with chemicals as it may cause uneven wiping.
    • If rain or hand prints become black, the blackened area is not dirt but a chemical change, so it cannot be wiped off. Such traces overlap to create an antique texture. As time passes and the overall color changes to a deeper color, the marks will become less noticeable, so please keep an eye on it for a while.
    • If you are concerned about the changed color or the pattern caused by splashing water, you can use a metal polish such as Picard to restore it to a clean state. Please use it above.
    • Many detergents and chemicals have an effect on metals, so please carefully read the usage precautions printed on the product before using them for maintenance.