About the handling of the aquatic plant lampshade

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About materials

Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size and shape.
Because it is a natural material, it may change color over time.
  • It is a product made by knitting natural aquatic plants using local traditional methods.
  • The shape can be adjusted by moistening it a little with a sprayer. In that case, dry it thoroughly before using.
  • Storage in a humid place may cause mold. Store in a well-ventilated place.
  • Please refrain from using near firearms as it is a flammable material.

About accessories

Comes with sockets and wires.
*Light bulb is not included. E17/10W LED bulbs are recommended.

Use E17 LED bulbs.

Socket mounting method

①Remove the silver fitting from the socket and insert it from the top of the wire.
(2) Attach the removed metal fittings and fix the wires.
③ Pass the cord through the shade.
④ Installation completed.