Lamoe - Product series

"Time ticks"

The more you use it, the more it will fit into your home and bring flavor to your life.
Lamoe was born based on this feeling. The changes in facial expressions that result from long-term use, and the many memories that are engraved on them. Things that "live time together" with you and your home while feeling the passing of time. Ramoe proposes a lifestyle where you cherish the memories that reside in things.

"Accompanied by daily life"

A universal yet iconic product. It will blend in softly while adding an accent to your daily life.

"Enjoy brass"

Brass, also called brass. Its charm lies not only in its golden shine but also in its ability to change over time. Brass is corrosion resistant and develops a unique taste over time and each time it is touched by someone's hands. From a shiny and elegant look to a deep, amber look. Not only can you enjoy watching it change to an antique look, but you can also restore its shine with metal polishing. Its appearance, which changes every day to tell the story of your life, becomes a one-of-a-kind item that will decorate your home.