Company Profile

Company name : ANTRY INC.
Representative Director : Satoshi Fujisaki
Head office location : 3-1-23 Nozomino, Izumi City, Osaka 594-1105

Founded : November 1999
Established : December 2000
Capital : 10 million yen

  • General Construction Business Permit Number: Osaka Prefectural Governor's Permit (Han-28) No. 136598
  • Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission: Antique Dealer Permit No. 622110146851

  • Main business
    Manufacture, wholesale, retail sales and import/export business of products related to living such as furniture, miscellaneous goods, vintage, interior design, interior and exterior design, architectural design, construction management

    sister company
    "UKA FARM TABLE" Restaurant and food manufacturing and retail sales DEVELOPMENT TRADING COMPANY Import and export wholesale business