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Square display lock (silver/gold/black)

Square display lock (silver/gold/black)

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A nostalgic display lock in the toilet or bathroom

By flipping over the alphabet display board for "VACANT" and "ENGAGED", a simple color display is possible. Available in 3 colors: shiny gold, moderately matte silver, and baked black. It can be coordinated with the door or doorknob.

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Size (mm): Please refer to the approval drawing. ( Download approval drawing (PDF) )

    Color: Silver / Gold / Black

    Material: Chrome
    brass (gold)


    • Compatible with door thickness 31-50mm
    • Made in England

    Installation method: Installation requires modification to the wooden frame and doorstop. Please check with the installation company in advance to see if it can be installed before placing your order.


    • For opening doors only. It cannot be used for sliding doors.
    • In an emergency, it can be released from outside the room using a flathead screwdriver, coin, etc. (It cannot be used for the entrance).
    • Since the black color is baked on, the paint may peel off on areas that are frequently moved, such as sliding areas.
    • Due to manufacturing, there may be some print chipping or misalignment on the dial depending on the individual item. Please note.
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